I am a beekeeper living in Essex in the East of England near Colchester. I have a few beehives and lots of healthy and happy bees that produce natural honey, wax and other hive products. I sell bees some times as well. I have an online shop where you can buy natural honey direct from me www.essex-honey.co.uk
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Robert Clare Beekeeper. Beeline: 07864 719526 ( text or call )

Affordable delicious local honey (as it exists in the hive ) cold filtered, unheated and non pasteurised . Prices starting at £5.65
Order online for delivery to your door

  • delicious honey from www Essex-honey.co.uk
    Summer multi floral honey
  • delicious summer borage honey from Essex
    Summer mainly borage honey
  •  Pure Beeswax Candles from Essex Honey
    Pure beeswax candles

 Essex Honey Bee hives in North Essex Apiary

Typical secluded wooded countryside apiary

photo of bees and other pollinators on ivy flowers and blue sky in autumn

Ivy flowers an important pollen and nectar source for pollinators in the autumn

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